Heart Chakra Meditation
~ Judith ~

Heartleaf Ginger

Chakras are subtle centers in our bodies that help with balancing our energies and emotions. Unconditional love, compassion for yourself as well as others, and feelings of joy are
attributes of the heart chakra. The color associated with the heart chakra is the soothing color of green found in nature.

To begin this meditation, you may want to place your hand over your heart and connect to your own heart center. Ask to be released of any self-imposed limiting beliefs or fears. Imagine yourself surrounded with love and compassion.

Then ask permission from the plant to connect with it. Once you feel a connection to yourself and the plant, send your grounding cord deeply into the core of the earth.

From your heart chakra in the center of your chest, send a beam of green light to the plant. Look at the flowers, leaves and stems; visualize the roots in the earth. Feel the green light from your heart chakra connecting with the plant’s green energy. Bring your awareness to the whole plant.

Begin to chant the name of the plant and chant for as long as you wish. You can also sit in silence with the plant.

When you feel complete, gently disconnect the beam of green light and thank the plant. Take several breaths and return to the present moment. Journal any images or messages you receive.

Reciprocity with Plants

Offering for the Garden

Reciprocity is defined as the practice of exchanging something with others for mutual benefit. Plants and trees give us gifts of food, medicine, oxygen and beauty. What can we give in

Sometimes I feel guided to just give a plant my heartfelt gratitude. I talk to the plants when I go out to the garden, telling them how beautiful they are.

I might leave offerings of sea shells, cornmeal, or stones that I have

In offering reciprocity with plants, you can start by being aware of the plant’s needs. Plants need water to survive and you can offer them the blessing of water. Sometimes I offer reciprocity by tending to the plant, trimming back dead leaves, mulching, and gently touching its
leaves. Appreciation of the plant’s beauty and medicine are part of reciprocity.