Judith Brooks

Judith Brooks resides in North Carolina and is an acupuncturist, herbalist and educator. She has travelled extensively in Central and South America, working with healers from many different traditions. Judith is an advocate for environmental awareness and plant conservation. Contact Judith at plantmeditations@gmail.com



Paulette Millichap


Paulette Millichap lives in North Carolina and was a founding partner of Council Oak Publishing. She is the Director of Tri S Foundation and publisher of Millichap Books. She celebrates over 30 years of publishing books on indigenous wisdom and nature including In a Japanese Garden and Big Blue Stem with the Nature Conservancy.



Amelia Vogler


Amelia Vogler is a grounding and energy medicine specialist and lives in North Carolina. She dedicates her work to sharing the Earth’s messages through her healing practice, spiritual development programs, and meditations.