“This book is transformative and a service to the plants and our planet.
It will inspire many to experience plants more deeply, lovingly
and as fellow beings of light.”

~ Dr. Rosita Arvigo DN,
AUTHOR OF Urban Herbalist


Being in nature, touching, smelling and sitting with plants calms and restores our mind and spirit. That we respond to this healing presence of plants is not surprising. That the plants respond to our attention by slowly revealing themselves is the simple miracle we want to share.

As we wrote this book, COVID-19 had become a pandemic, and many people globally face economic, environmental, and racial and social crises. These evolutionary stressors give us an opportunity to ask ourselves questions:
Where do we find resilience and hope?
How do we find balance and inner peace?
How do we adapt to change?

We can choose to take a respite from our busy lives and go for a walk in nature or sit quietly outside with the plants and trees. We can begin to quiet our nervous system and deepen our connection with ourselves in the natural world. Being with plants and realizing their inherent intelligence helps us open new gateways of perception.

It is early spring in North Carolina and new rue leaves are emerging. The elder bush has hardy, purplish-green leaves sprouting from its branches. Rosemary has an abundance of periwinkle blue flowers. Nature teaches us about the state of impermanence. Like the seasons, life is constantly changing.

A deep yearning is pulling us toward something we can’t quite name.
What is this desire that’s calling?
Perhaps it is a longing to join with many who want to be in a right relationship with nature and with those who want to deepen their compassion and sense of peace in the natural world. Many people are feeling the call to create a new paradigm that includes respect for all living beings. We invite you to open your gates of perception and join us in the garden.